Australian Terrier

   Though one of the smallest terriers, the rugged Australian Terrier was developed in the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback, where he worked side by side with the pioneers -- controlling rats and snakes, alerting humans to intruders, even tending sheep. He's ready for any situation. With that easy self-confidence comes his readiness to enjoy a good friendship.
 Grooming Demand  Moderate Grooming Demand
 Suggested Mobile Grooming  Every 8 Weeks
 Owner Maintenance  Groom Weekly
 Grooming Overview  Keeping your Australian Terrier groomed is not only important to his/her appearance, but to his/her health as well. Regular grooming of your Australian Terrier can control parasites in addition to improving general appearance. Grooming of your Australian Terrier is a good time to check the condition of your Australian Terrier’s skin, eyes, ears, coat and teeth.

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