American Foxhound

   American Foxhounds are skilled in following scents. They are generally fast, smart, strong and friendly. Hundreds of years of pack living make them comfortable in the company of other animals. They know how to get along without being too bossy or fussy.
 Grooming Demand  Low Grooming Demand
 Suggested Mobile Grooming  Every 12 Weeks
 Owner Maintenance  Groom Monthly
 Grooming Overview  Your American Foxhound grooming needs are our specialty. Keeping your American Foxhound groomed is not only important to his/her appearance, but to his/her health as well. Regular grooming of your American Foxhound can control parasites in addition to improving general appearance. Grooming of your American Foxhound is a good time to check the condition of your American Foxhound’s skin, eyes, ears, coat and teeth. Call us to schedule your appointment today for your American Foxhound grooming needs.

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