Akbash Dog

   This solid white flock guard dog is equipped with keen hearing and superior strength. The Akbash Dog is a primitive guard dog breed, requiring owners who understand canine behavior. The dogs are a combination of submissive posturing to livestock and dominance aggression—to stand up against bears and wolves. They require owners dedicated to constant socialization if kept as companions. They are naturally dog aggressive.
 Grooming Demand  Moderate Grooming Demand
Suggested Mobile Grooming
 Every 8 - 10 Weeks
 Owner Maintenance  Groom weekly
 Grooming Overview  They are above average shedders. This dog has a double coat but very thin undercoat. It sheds a lot of hair. This coat does not shed on its own; it needs help. You need to pull dead hair. It becomes matted without regular care.

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